YuMuuv First Platform in the Baltic Region Using the Garmin Health API

As we navigate a new way of living, health is at the top of the agenda. But it is not only governments hoping to support a healthy lifestyle from home – companies are also looking to help motivate and care for their staff during isolation. Using the Garmin Health API, companies like YuMuuv in Estonia are able to build platforms that help companies increase employee engagement and find creative ways to keep staff motivated and physically active while staying safe at home.

Digitised Health

Estonia is one of the most advanced nations when it comes to digital health. Almost all data generated by hospitals and medical personnel is digitised, and citizens are able to access their patient records to find the most suitable health services. The physical-activity challenges platform YuMuuv is part of this digital health movement and now, thanks to their integration with the Garmin Health API, their services are available to Garmin smartwatch and activity band users.

While the YuMuuv platform works with other wearable devices, CEO Jakob Remmel and colleagues have chosen to promote Garmin wearables exclusively as part of their service to give customers the best possible experience and outcome and a “smooth and exciting start” for their wellness journey. Using Garmin devices to track health and activity metrics such as steps, calories, intensity levels and more, employees can digitise their activity and compare it against their own previous performance and of their colleagues. When activity challenge goals are achieved, employees can receive benefits from their employer. The YuMuuv platform even takes fitness levels and abilities of each employee into account so everyone is on an even playing field, ensuring a sense of both group and individual accomplishment.

Importance of Employee Health

The challenges of remote working are many, and it is vital for companies to be aware of the importance of employee health during this time and always. The solutions offered by the Garmin Health ecosystem empower companies like YuMuuv to build platforms perfect for promoting the healthy lifestyles of employees, wherever they are. Not only do programmes like those offered by YuMuuv have the potential to help decrease sick days and increase productivity, they also improve mental health and provide a social connection for co-workers based on something other than work.