Using Garmin Wearables and Zone7 AI to Help Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Medical Staff in Israel

It is clear from the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic just how vital and incredible our medical personnel around the world are. In a time where most people are being asked to isolate themselves to stay safe, medical staff are exposing themselves to risk and working harder for longer to keep the rest of the population healthy.

In order to keep the fight going against the coronavirus, it is crucial to sustain the health of such frontline workers and help them to avoid physical and psychological burnout from the pressures they are facing. A cooperation between Zone7, a US and Israel-based startup, and CLALIT Health Services,  Israel’s largest HMO, is aiming to protect the health, stamina and productivity of these essential professionals through use of Garmin wearables, artificial intelligence, and the data made available by the Garmin Health ecosystem.

Monitoring Medical Personnel – Learnings from Professional Athletes

Originally built to forecast injury risk and optimise training plans for professional athletes, the Zone7 AI delivers 65% detection and prevention rates across multiple professional sports including Premier Football Leagues across Europe. As part of a wider strategy to protect the health and wellbeing of workers in various industries, Zone7 has collaborated with Garmin to protect the medical personnel.

In this project, the platform will use Garmin wearables provided to the CLALIT COVID-19 treatment centre by Ronlight Health, Garmin’s Israeli distributor. Although Garmin wearables were not designed or intended to be used to monitor or diagnose any diseases or conditions, these metrics can provide useful insights and trends.  Metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and sleep, will be combined with lifestyle information and medical profiles to detect early signs of fatigue and other negative effects from staff workload and conditions. As with injury prevention in athletes, early detection of exhaustion can lead to effective intervention strategies allowing for both optimal operational efficiency and well-being advice.

Thanks to the Garmin Health API and Garmin Health Companion SDK, Zone7 will automatically receive data from the Garmin wearables and be able to provide near real-time analysis.  This quick feedback enables individuals and administrators to receive tailored rest and work assignment recommendations, effectively reducing exhaustion by improving the health of staff and ultimately providing better care to COVID-19 patients.

Global Health Solutions

The Garmin Health ecosystem has allowed the Zone7 to adapt their AI-based, predictive platform, previously only used for elite football and military special forces, for use in supporting medical personnel who are working in the demanding conditions coronavirus has created. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are a finite, precious resource that must be nurtured and protected, now and in the future, for the benefit of everyone.

Garmin smartwatches were not designed or intended to monitor or diagnose diseases or other conditions.