Six Reasons to Ride Year-round with a Garmin Bike Trainer

The Garmin lineup of indoor smart bike trainers is purpose-built to ensure your cycling game doesn’t plummet along with the temperature outside.

Weather is fickle, and it’s not always pleasant to ride a bike outside. But that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to the couch, waiting for sunny days and praying your stats aren’t too horrible when you can finally venture out again. Garmin smart trainers, whether you opt for the stand-alone Tacx® NEO Bike Smart trainer or the wheel-on Tacx® Flow Smart trainer, are purpose-built to deliver a one-of-a-kind riding experience all year long so you never have to sacrifice a real-feeling ride regardless of the season.

1. Rides that feel real.

Is there any better feeling than the crunch of gravel on your tyres (or the smooth feel of pavement after you’ve crushed your ride and are heading home)? We seriously doubt it. That’s why Tacx NEO smart trainers vibrate and simulate the feeling of different surfaces, not to mention the gear feel available on NEO Smart Bikes that mimics the feeling of your chain shifting into a different gear. Tacx NEO trainers also feature dynamic inertia, as if you really are riding your bike out on the road.

2. Consistent, accurate performance analytics.

Garmin technology is data-driven to help you achieve your best results, and smart trainers are no exception. With reliable, consistent measurements, you’ll see remarkably accurate power measurement plus reliable, consistent measurements for speed and cadence. Because it’s hard to beat yesterday if you don’t have an accurate breakdown of how well you did.

3. Custom workouts.

All Tacx smart trainers are compatible with the Tacx® Training app, which means the world is at your fingertips — even if you’re technically stuck in your basement. With a premium subscription, you get access to an extensive library of high-quality training films in vibrant locales such as the Alps or Milan, or you can create your own GPS rides in 3D map view, allowing you to explore new locations and terrains without ever hopping on a plane. Visit the app’s virtual training room to view custom workouts, and — if you’re missing the social aspect — you can even virtually ride with live opponents anywhere in the world.

4. Sweet, sweet silence.

Indoor training often means you’re in relatively close quarters with other people living in your home. Whether you’ve got your own basement pain cave, or you’re trying to sneak in a ride in your bedroom while the baby naps in the room next door, we’ve got you covered. NEO smart technology and the design of Tacx direct-drive (or wheel-off) trainers result in a smooth, silent ride — no disgruntled family members.

5. Pedal stroke immersion.

If you’re serious about cycling, you’ve likely thought quite a bit about your stroke — and if you haven’t, it may be time to start. The Tacx NEO Bike Smart trainer can measure the position of both your legs, providing an analysis of your individual pedalling technique and aiding in perfecting your stroke. And don’t worry, you can fully customise the fit to match your outdoor bike — from seat height to handlebar adjustments — guaranteeing a seamless experience when you switch back and forth between bikes.

Don’t have a smart trainer? No problem — even with a basic, wheel-on indoor trainer or rollers, you can attach a Rally™ power meter to your bike to monitor your power data.

6. Device compatibility.

Tacx smart trainers can connect to multiple devices simultaneously, which means you can be connected to the Tacx Training app (or other popular training apps) and your Garmin Edge® bike computer at the same time — all while analyzing the data you normally collect on your Garmin smartwatch or heart rate monitor.  You can climb that leaderboard anytime and keep track of your progress throughout the season in the Garmin Connect™ app as you would on a normal outdoor ride.

Looking for something a little simpler than a smart trainer? Not a problem — our lineup of basic wheel-on Tacx trainers make it easy to install your regular bike and enjoy the ride without worrying about the rest, and Rally pedals are an easy addition if you want to view your power metrics while you ride.  

Ready to push your limits? Browse our range of smart bike trainers to guarantee your game doesn’t slip, regardless of what the weather does.