Garmin and ASUS Life Collaborate on Medical Solutions Using Consumer Wearables

The Potential in the Medical Market

ASUS Life’s OmniCare platform is an IoMT service that help hospitals utilise many nontraditional devices, such as consumer activity trackers and smartwatches from Garmin, for a variety of services including AI development, clinical research and patient monitoring.

Many researchers and doctors do not have the resources to develop these complicated IoT solutions in-house and are looking for a service provider with a holistic solution. ASUS Life’s OmniCare platform, which combines data from Garmin devices thanks to the Garmin Health SDKs, can help fill this gap. 

With the Garmin Health SDK, ASUS Life’s OmniCare platform can access data directly from Garmin devices over BLUETOOTH Low Energy technology, allowing hospitals to collect data for clinical research according to the high data privacy standards or allowing for control over many device configuration options. 

Real-world Use Cases

ASUS Life has already deployed the OmniCare and Garmin solution in two major projects. The first one is Europe’s PULSE project, which uses a Garmin vívofit 4 to monitor daily steps and sleep patterns of study participants with asthma and Type 2 diabetes. The data from the consumer wearable is combined with air quality reports (e.g. PM2.5) to see the correlation between a patient’s lifestyle and health status.

The second case is an AI project conducted by National Taiwan University NTU and uses a vívosmart 3 to collect the stress score of patients undergoing meditation therapy to assess stress levels before and after the therapy.