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Safety Cameras

Speed & Safety Camera Alerts from Garmin

Comprehensive Coverage | Expert Sources | Latest Data | Accurate and Reliable Alerts

Stay aware of safety cameras throughout Australia and travel safely, legally and speed-consciously. Garmin in-car GPS units have full Cyclops safety camera database loaded inside to bring speed alerts - and only those specific to the road you are travelling and direction of travel. Keeping safe and accident-free will help you maintain lower insurance premiums and avoid penalty points and fines too.

Powered by a daily-updated database, your GPS knows the locations of:

  • Fixed cameras
  • Average speed cameras
  • Variable cameras
  • Temporary cameras / roadwork sites
  • Red light speed cameras Mobile cameras

Expert Sources

Our safety camera alerts are driven by content from a range of expert sources, not just user feedback. Before they are included in the database, each location is physically inspected to confirm camera type, direction, average speed and distance covered.

Content sources include

  • Official agency data
  • Professional survey
  • GPS digital camera, Wi-Fi and expert field survey-gathered data
  • Verified user feedback

Latest Data

The Cyclops database is continually reviewed to keep track of ever-changing camera locations. A dedicated team checks for new, removed and amended camera sites and refreshes this content every day. Once verified, this information is live within 48 hours.

Accurate and Reliable Alerts

Our sat-navs use smart GPS software to compare your route against a preloaded log of camera locations. Each camera and zone is individually verified and mapped using a patented 'corridor' technique of camera validation – confirming the speed setting and direction of camera to bring only relevant alerts to your journey, when you need them and avoid irritating false alarms:

  • Directional camera alerts
  • Camera-specific alerts such as average speed and mobile zones
  • Alerts relevant to journey
  • Overspeed alerts
  • Alerts tailored to road layout and navigation experience

Comprehensive Coverage

All Garmin GPS units contain our unique driver safety system with full coverage of safety cameras across Australia:

Country Fixed Average Mobile Red Light Red Light & Speed
Austria x x x x x
Australia x x x x x
Belgium x x x x
Canada x x x x
Czech Republic x x x x x
Denmark x
Finland x x x
France x x x
Germany x x x x
Greece x x x x
Italy x x x x x
Luxembourg x x x
Netherlands x x x x x
Norway x x
Poland x x x
Portugal x x
Republic of Ireland x x x
Russia x x x
Slovenia x x
Spain x x x x x
South Africa x x x x
Sweden x x
United Kingdom x x x x x
USA x x x x