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With pet obedience and training technology from Garmin.

Help Your Pet Thrive

We’re lucky; dogs aren’t people. But that means we can’t reason with them or ask them nicely to be more polite members of our household. We have to teach them, train them to be what we want. With the help of our easy-to-use, adjustable, bark controlling and remote training devices with Tri‑Tronics technology, we have more control over the essential elements of dog training, connection and consistency. Training pets is a big responsibility. But when it works, they finally understand the behavior that makes us happy, and we get to love our dogs more.

Devices for Sporting Dogs

Field-proven tracking and training technology especially for hunting and sporting dogs.

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Why train electronically?

Training electronically, or e-training, is similar to traditional leash training, or touch training, in that timing and consistency are keys to your pet associating a behavior with a correction. Where e-training excels is in the immediacy of the correction to the behavior. That precision helps your dog connect the correction to the behavior and not simply to the device or to you, the trainer.

Our pet training devices give you more control of the intensity and duration of the training so you can use the least amount of correction you need to yield the best results.

Fix Problem Behavior or Participate with Your Pet in Obedience Training

Which device is right for you?

Are you looking for a simple, but effective, way to limit nuisance barking, or an e-trainer to help with more extensive pet training and obedience? We have a few options for you.

BarkLimiter and BarkLimiter Deluxe

BarkLimiter is the first intuitive bark correction collar that differentiates between wanted and unwanted barking, virtually eliminating over correction and false correction. It has advanced Autorise technology that automatically adjusts the training level up to the optimum level to stop unwanted barking. And it works right out of the box — no setup required. It comes in 2 configurations: BarkLimiter with user replaceable batteries and the slimmer, rechargeable BarkLimiter Deluxe.

Delta XC Series Training Systems

The Delta XC series of remote dog training system includes an easy-to-use controller and dog device system that sets a high standard in dog training. Easy-to-read LCD screen, convenient side buttons for dog selection (supports up to 3 dogs with additional dog devices) and training level adjustment. It has 3 front “action” buttons for stimulation, tone and/or vibration. Reception ranges up to ¾ mile depending on model. Delta XC series units can even remember an individual dog’s training settings and now have short/long changeable contact points.

BarkLimiter BarkLimiter Deluxe
Autorise automatic setting
Bark Odometer
Automatic setting
Manual setting
Optimized for all breeds, all coat lengths
Vibration setting
Waterproof (IPX7)
Battery Replaceable Rechargeable
Delta XC Delta Sport XC Delta Upland XC
Easy to read LCD display
Short and long changeable contact points
Tone and vibration modes
Momentary & continuous stimulation modes
Train up to 3 dogs*
Water-receiver and transmitter (IPX7)
Long-lasting, user-replaceable rechargeable batteries
Correction configurations 3 5 5
Range ½ mi ¾ mi ¾ mi
Built-in BarkLimiter with adjustable level settings
Upland Beeper with 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream)

*With purchase of additional dog devices

Common Questions

Garmin has a variety of pet products. Which one is right for me?

Our pet products can be broken into 2 groups. The first are devices designed to address a specific behavior (nuisance barking). The second are devices to enhance obedience and behavior training (e-trainers). We’ve made it easy to find out more about each of them below, or refer to the at-a-glance comparison chart for a quick rundown.

How easy is it to use these devices?

Both the BarkLimiter and Delta XC series of pet products are specially designed to be easy-to-use. BarkLimiter and BarkLimiter Deluxe feature an Autorise setting that works right out of the box. Delta XC, Delta Sport XC and Delta XC Upland feature a quick-to-learn 3-button design plus easy-to-read LCD display to tell you which button is set for tone, pulse or continuous or momentary stimulation.

Is this humane? Will it hurt my dog?

When used properly, both the BarkLimiter and Delta XC series of pet products are humane. The settings you use depend on your dog’s sensitivity and your training conditions, but you should always use the lowest setting that will work to get your dog’s attention.

Will this help me be less frustrated with my dog? I’m willing to try anything.

The process of training a dog can be both frustrating and rewarding (often at the same time). Our pet products are designed to help train or limit behavior in order to establish a less frustrating household. So, it’s best to never use an e-trainer to punish your dog (especially more than a few seconds after the behavior). If the same tools are used to punish that are used to train your dog, he or she may fear the dog device, or worse, fear you.

Can I use this on more than 1 dog?

BarkLimiter and BarkLimiter Deluxe are optimized for all breeds and coat lengths. Delta XC, Delta Sport XC and Delta Upland XC allow you to train up to 3 dogs at the same time and make it easy to switch between dogs and between training configurations (tone, pulse, momentary and continuous stimulation).

Since when does Garmin make products for pets? Do you know what you’re doing?

We introduced the first-ever GPS tracking collar for sporting dogs in 2007. Since then, many of our customers have asked us to integrate dog tracking capabilities with electronic dog training. In the summer of 2012, Garmin acquired Tri‑Tronics, the leader in electronic dog training. Together, we've created a full line of products for pets, from BarkLimiter to combined long-range tracking and training devices for sporting dogs. Tri‑Tronics is adding more than 40 years experience with dog training to our line of rugged, durable, dog tracking and training devices.

Accelerometer Technology

Differentiates between barking and other vocalizations. Eliminates false corrections from external noises.


Automatically adjusts the training level up to the optimum level needed to stop unwanted barking. Works right out of box; no set up required.

Manual and Vibration

Choose manual and vibration for more options and even more control.

Bark Odometer

Counter shows number of barks while you are away so you can check the effectiveness of the device.

BarkLimiter Battery

User-replaceable 3 V li-ion battery, lasts up to 10 months.

BarkLimiter Deluxe Battery

Rechargeable lithium-ion pack, lasts up to 3 months between charges.

Advanced Design

Waterproof (IPX7), lightweight, integrated stainless-steel posts optimized for all breeds, all coat lengths.

Slim Profile

Slim profile of BarkLimiter Deluxe due to thinner lithium-ion battery.

Simple, Effective Electric Correction

3-button front design allows you to train with tone, vibration, momentary and continuous stimulation, and switch easily between these modes.

Multiple Correction Configurations

Delta XC offers 3 separate configurations, Delta Sport XC and Delta Upland XC offer 5 separate configurations for easier multiple dog training.

Easy-to-read LCD Display

See which dog you are training and what your button configuration is.

Train up to 3 dogs

Purchase additional dog devices to train up to 3 dogs with 1 handheld device.

Integrated BarkLimiter

Integrated BarkLimiter with adjustable level settings on Delta Sport XC and Delta Upland XC systems for increased versatility at home and in the field.

Purchase BarkLimiter or Delta XC Series Training Systems

BarkLimiter and BarkLimiter Deluxe

BarkLimiter and the rechargeable BarkLimiter Deluxe are the first intuitive bark correction collars that differentiate between barking and other vocalizations, and automatically adjusts levels up to the most effective correction.

Delta XC Series Dog Training Systems

Delta XC, Delta Sport XC and Delta Upland XC remote training systems let you train the exact behavior the moment it occurs without the trouble of a leash. Delta Sport XC and Delta Upland XC add the function of a built-in BarkLimiter. Delta Upland XC adds an upland beeper with 4 hunt sounds and 2 point sounds.

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