WAAS Upgrades

WAAS Upgrades

List Price: $3,695 USD (subject to change without notice)

Visit an authorized Garmin sales and service center or call (866) 739-5687

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) upgrades bring your GNS 430/530 series devices up to the latest FAA standards for IFR GPS capability.

Upgrading gives you lateral and vertical guidance at most airports, as well as lower IFR landing minimums. You’ll also be able to fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath instrument approaches down to as low as 200 ft.

The upgrade also gives you a faster microprocessor, upgraded software, improved terrain graphics, advanced terrain database and enhanced serviceability. Plus, your device will be provisioned for new and future avionics interfaces, including our G600 glass cockpit displays and ADS-B out compliance.

The new software will further enable full GPS steering for procedure turns, holding patterns and DME arcs (with compatible roll-steering autopilot).

WAAS provides additional accuracy, availability and integrity so that you can rely on GPS for virtually all phases of flight anywhere within the WAAS coverage area.

With WAAS, thousands of previously access-limited general aviation airports can offer full LPV glidepath vertical approaches similar to a Category 1 ILS (where suitable airport conditions exist) without adding the costly on-site infrastructure required to install a ground-based precision approach system.

Affordable WAAS approaches are rapidly changing the landscape of IFR navigation. They already outnumber ILS approaches in the U.S., with more than 3,000 published LPVs now in service.

  • improved overall efficiency of aviation operations
  • increased runway capability
  • increased position accuracy
  • new precision approach services
  • reduced and simplified equipment requirements for aircraft
  • significant government cost savings due to the reduction of maintenance-intensive, ground-based infrastructure

Visit an authorized Garmin Sales & Service Center to schedule your upgrade.

Your Garmin-authorized avionics shop will notify the factory and reserve a position on the schedule. Your existing system will be removed from the aircraft and returned to us. (Turnaround time at our factory is typically less than 1 week.)

Our technicians will replace/modify the GPS receiver and other internal circuitry, then return the system to your local shop with a new GPS antenna. Your existing antenna will be removed and replaced with the new GA 35 WAAS/GPS antenna, and your upgraded system will be re-installed in the panel and re-certified in the aircraft.

Typically, the existing wiring will still be compatible with the new WAAS upgrade. Modifications to the basic wiring should be minimal, unless new provisions are needed for various autopilot, annunciator or EFIS interfaces.