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Garmin GB Discoverer

Navigate with Ordnance Survey Mapping on your Garmin GPS.

Available in 1:25K and 1:50K scale maps with detailed topographic data including terrain contours, topo elevations, summits, paths, routable roads and geographical points.

Turn-by-turn navigation anywhere in Great Britain is made possible with integrated street maps, included on all Garmin GB Discoverer products. Search, select and navigate to street addresses and attractions and follow routes on foot, in car or by bike using the familiar Ordnance Survey backdrop.

Garmin EIRE Discoverer also available.

TOPO UK & Ireland Light

Garmin optimised routing with turn-by-turn navigation on the trail.

TOPO UK & Ireland Light map is the ideal companion for orienteering and reference during any outdoor or recreational activities throughout the UK and Ireland. This new Garmin optimised map includes routable road, trail and path networks, waterway detail, place names, military areas, natural features, land use areas, historical sites and many points of interest (POI). TOPO UK & Ireland Light is capable of turn-by-turn navigation on the entire road and trail network present in the map. The Garmin optimised routing function allows the creation of routes based on your selected activity type by automatically adjusting the route to suit the chosen activity.

  • Garmin optimised routing calculates routes based on type of activity - Pedestrian, Hiking, Mountaineering, Tour Cycling, Cycling and Mountain Biking.
  • Displays named hiking and bike trails.
  • Shows land coverage, including forests, farmland, rivers, lakes, wetlands and urban areas.
  • Includes contour lines and Digital Elevation Model (DEM).
  • Detailed digital elevation model enables the display of accurate altitude profiles.
  • Searchable map elements such as point of interest, mountains and lakes.
  • Plan routes using this map in BaseCamp.
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TOPO UK & Ireland Light
TOPO UK & Ireland Light
TOPO UK & Ireland Light
TOPO UK & Ireland Light
TOPO UK & Ireland Light
TOPO UK & Ireland Light

BirdsEye Select

Customise your Outdoor Maps.

Garmin BirdsEye Select







Garmin European Recreational Maps

Wherever you go for your active holidays in Europe, Garmin offers great topographic coverage for a large range of countries.

Going Skiing in Europe this Winter?

Free Winter Activity Map

From Sweden to Italy, Finland to Morocco, Garmin's recreational maps can accommodate the needs of the mountaineer, walker, skier, cyclist and desert explorer. With extraordinary topographic or inland waterways detail and a large number of POIs including hotels, restaurants, information centres and more, our recreational maps make the ideal companion for any overseas excursion. Compatible with many Garmin GPS models, including the Dakota and Oregon series.

ActiveRouting is a groundbreaking technology which is built into some of Garmin's latest recreational European map updates and devices. ActiveRouting is a "first of its kind" functionality in the field of recreational maps, which has the ability to tailor your route planning for specific outdoor activities like walking, hiking, mountaineering, cycling or mountain biking. – see each product for availability.

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See each product shop page for further details, memory requirement and device compatibility.

Garmin Trip Planning with BaseCamp

Garmin Outdoor Maps
Garmin Outdoor Maps
Garmin Outdoor Maps
Garmin Outdoor Maps

Make the most of your next outdoor activity or relive the trips you’ve taken.

Our free BaseCamp download lets you plan outdoor activities, organise your data and share your adventures with others. The free BaseCamp download, allows you to survey the terrain, plan your route and geotag photos on your computer and then load all required data to your GPS device.

Create and Share Adventures

Garmin Adventures provides a free, interactive way to share your hikes, bike rides, road trips and more.

Using BaseCamp, you can combine track logs, waypoints, geotagged photos, YouTube videos and more into an adventure that gets published online. You can then email a link to your adventure to friends and family, share it on social media sites or even post it in your favorite forums. BaseCamp even makes it easy to follow in the footsteps of other travelers by allowing you to search for and download adventures to your Garmin GPS device.

Garmin Adventures
Garmin Adventures

Garmin BaseCamp Mobile

An app for iPhone® that enables you to download and review information collected from your fēnix or tactix GPS watch onto your phone. Then view them on a map for a complete visual record of your trek.

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Garmin Basecamp App

FREE Isle of Man Map

Download your free Isle of Man Recreational Map. This 1:25k scale map of the Isle of Man is produced using the Local Government Survey Data enabling you to discover the outdoor delights that this tiny Isle has to offer.

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How to install:
1) Connect your Garmin device to your computer 2) Save the iom.img file 3) Find the "Garmin" folder on the Garmin drive, and Save 4) Unplug the USB cable from your Garmin GPS device

FREE Winter Activity Map

Download your free Winter Activity Map covering Central Europe (see Coverage tab). This map is based on the community OpenStreetMap (OSM) database and includes thousands of pistes, trails and lifts. This map is searchable and includes a large number of winter POIs (non-routable).

By downloading this you are accepting the Terms and Conditions found HERE

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How to install*
  • Carefully read the Garmin-OSM EULA by clicking here
  • Connect your Garmin device to your computer
  • Save the ‘Winter-Activity-Map.img’ file
  • Find the "Garmin" folder on the Garmin device drive, and Save
  • Unplug the USB cable from your Garmin GPS device and start up
  • Map can also be saved inside a “garmin” folder on a microSD card

*The map is compatible with all current Garmin outdoor devices which have a map display and a memory card slot


Covering popular winter grounds in Central Europe including most of the Alps, Jura, Vosges, Bavarian Forest, Black Forest and Pyrenees.

Free Winter Activity Map