Garmin Communicator Plugin

Communication with your Garmin GPS just got easier thanks to the Garmin Communicator Plugin — the free internet browser plugin that sends and retrieves data from Garmin GPS devices.

The Garmin Communicator Plugin lets you connect your Garmin GPS with your favorite website. Once the plugin is installed, just connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer, and you’re on your way. The Garmin Communicator can send and retrieve data from any supported website.

Compatible computers and Internet browsers:
IBM-compatible PCs running Windows® XP or Vista operating systems with Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 1.5+ Intel-based or PowerPC G4 or later Mac OS 10.4 or later with Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 2.0+

Already installed the Garmin Communicator Plugin?
Visit the test page to see if it’s properly installed.

Want to add the Garmin Communicator Plugin to your website?
Garmin’s Communicator API makes it easy for developers. Learn more at