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Ken Duncan

My name is Ken Duncan and I am a Landscape photographer and for me a Garmin GPS is a must as it is part of my equipment.  The reason I chose Garmin products is that I tried different units but found Garmin to be the best and the leader in GPS technology. I also love how easy Garmin GPS units are  to use and how well made, sturdy, and reliable they are. Read more.




Leon Griffin 

The Garmin products I use have helped me make the transition over from shorter length triathlon's (up to 2 hour events i.e Olympic distance) to longer ones like half and full Ironman events. The Forerunner 310XT and Edge 500 have assisted me in understanding how to better pace myself and conserve energy to run out the longer trips and have enough left in the tank to be in contention right till the finish. Read more.

Guy Leech 

I like Garmin fitness products in general as it they are simple to use with an abundance of functions which keep training easy and effective. Winning the first ever professional ironman race in the world - The Coolangatta Gold ironman race in 1984 was one of my most memorable achievements. Read more.

Tim Berkel

What I like most about the entire range of products from Garmin, is the ease-of-use. The software is very intuitive, and both the Edge, and the Forerunner are as easy as plugging in, to transfer all of the data. Between training in the pool, on the bike, and on the track, I don't have time to learn complicated programs, or how to enable/disable features from complicated devices. Everything that Garmin does is just easy. Read more.

Paula Tesoriero

The Garmin devices have enabled me to get better use out of my power meter by integrating it with my other performance data (like heart-rate, speed and cadence) by integrating my training data in one place. Read more.

Courtney Atkinson

The Garmin GPS running products have been the best technological advancement for running training that I know of. The ability to know, analyse and compare my paces, distances, heart rates all together regardless of terrain or location has directly improved my run training effectiveness and in turn my running performances have followed. Read more.

Michael Hepburn

I have been using the Edge 705 now for about 12 months and I have become dependent on this incredible training tool. The amount of information at my disposal at any one time is so comprehensive that there is absolutely no need for me to use any other device. Read more.

Josh Amberger

Training is a balance of art and science, and Garmin's products have facilitated the requirement for that scientific, yet simple edge. Using Garmin gives me the opportunity to train smarter. Read more.




Robert Torelli

"The first GPS unit l ever bought was a hand help Garmin 45. It never missed a beat and was a pleasure to use. Some 15 odd years later and l have just purchased the magnificent Garmin 750 S GPS/sounder combo for my new charter and abalone diving vessel.
Read more.