Content Toolkit

The Content Toolkit contains applications that let you create secure points of interest (POIs) and customizable voices for Garmin GPS devices.

You can market your products to owners of Garmin navigational systems, creating an entirely new ecosystem of content, devices and customers who are eager to expand the capability of their GPS devices.

For example, you could develop locations with free wi-fi access, historic marker sites, tourist and scenic routes, or safety cameras.

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  • allows you to protect content by creating secured products
  • allows you to create searches by a current or specific location
  • allows you to list address and contact information for each point
  • supports multi-language content
  • allows you to distriubte content to Garmin device users via downloadable content from your website, SD™ cards, DVD and CD
  • free, 90-day evaluation to create a sample product
  • allows you to determine if the software fits your needs prior to purchase
  • GPI Creator Software to create custom Tour Guides
  • Voice Creator Software for creating customized voices for Garmin devices
  • option to purchase a SD™ card programmer for $75 per unit
  • optional free card programmer assembly if 8 or more card programmers are purchased
  • access to help files
  • Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP
  • 800 MHz processor (1.2 GHz recommended)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • 200 MB free hard drive space
  • USB port
  • start up fee of $500
  • annual renewal fee of $500
  • license renewals include free updates to software
  • royalties due only for locked products:
    • $3.00 USD per Locked Derived Product for the first 1,000 copies distributed
    • $2.00 USD per Locked Derived Product for the next 2,000 copies distributed
    • $1.00 USD per Locked Derived Product for all subsequent copies distributed

The GPI Viewer software let you view the content of a Garmin Rich POI (GPI) product. GPI Viewer does not allow you to modify the contents of GPI products.

  • View all groups, categories and POIs in a GPI product file.
  • View content of GPI product file in mulitple languages.
  • Search for POIs in a GPI product file.
  • View POI information, such as address, contact and alert information.
  • View images and play audio alert associated with POIs.

The Voice Creator software allows you to create Garmin Voice (VPM) products. You can create new voices for your Garmin devices, such as nüvi®. You can also use Voice Creator along with Garmin GPI Creator to build TourGuide files containing mulit-language audio content.

To create Garmin Voice products you will need the following:

  • audio files to be used in the voice product
  • an XML Voice Script file (.vxml) file that tells Voice Creator how the audio will be used in the voice product

The GPI Creator software allows you to create Garmin Rich POI (GPI) product from a collection of user-provided raw data files in XML or GPX format. GPI Creator can build GPIs with support for the following features:

  • locked or unlocked content
  • searches by a current or specific location
  • multi-language content
  • multi-media support for JPEGs, Wave and MP3 audio files
  • address and contact information for each point
  • proximity and speed alerts
  • customizable proximity alert sounds from Wave or MP3

Acceptable Input Formats

  • Garmin XML format
  • GPX format (support for GPX input format is similar to Garmin's POI Loader application)

Coming soon.

GPI Creator Version Differences

Changes from v1.00/v2.00 to v2.01

  • added Help button to GPI Creator main dialog
  • added Help menu item to GPI Viewer
  • added command line build capability
  • added support for GPI license files (.gpil)
  • added missing language codes to input schema files
  • added schema caching capability
  • fixed issue when parsing file paths containing spaces
  • fixed issues causing units to not recognize proximity alerts
  • fixed issues with how GPI Creator reads release license files

Coming soon.

For techincal assistance or suggestions for improvement, please contact Garmin's third-party license administrator.