cityXplorerâ„¢ Maps

cityXplorer™ maps for your street navigator provide the latest detailed roads and points of interest for metropolitan areas, plus enhanced pedestrian navigation¹ — street directions including public transportation.

With cityXplorer map data, you can conveniently download information about your destination directly to your Garmin device. Confidently navigate using the same mapping detail as City Navigator® maps. The low price per download won't break your budget.

Enhanced pedestrian navigation helps you navigate the city's public transit. Get directions for where to walk, where to catch the bus, subway, tram, or other transportation (where available). Also learn how long it will take to get there. In some cities, data is even available for transit schedules, such as subway or bus times and routes

Not all forms of public transportation are available on all cityXplorer products.

¹Enhanced pedestrian mode, which includes public transit information, is available on compatible devices only. Adding cityXplorer maps to a device that does not support pedestrian navigation will ONLY allow for viewing of cityXplorer maps and points of interest and is not recommended if the city is already preloaded to your device. Only one region can be downloaded directly to devices that do not support pedestrian navigation. Additional regions can be downloaded to individual data cards.

North America

Affordable maps for cities across North America.


Affordable maps for cities across Europe.


Affordable maps for cities across Australia

World Markets

Affordable maps for cities across South America, Southern Africa and Middle East.