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Real Navigation

The latest sat nav models offer highly accurate map data and turn-by-turn directions that sound as if spoken by a friend. Big, bright screens allow you to focus on the road. Steady, dependable information relies on satellites, not cell towers. Dedicated guidance, with models and features to fit any driver. Why ask for directions from anyone else?

Key features across the Garmin sat nav range:

Lifetime Maps

Free Lifetime Maps

Free Lifetime Map Updates for the life of the product – drive with the latest road and Points of Interest information; connect online and download updates for free up to four times a year.

Lifetime Digital Traffic

Free Lifetime Digital Traffic

Cut through the queues with super-fast and accurate digital traffic. It updates continuously so if the road ahead is blocked you’ll know about it and be offered alternative routes immediately. No ongoing subscriptions required - simply use right out of the box.

Real Navigation

Garmin Real Navigation

Real Directions Drive using recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights as references.
Real Voice Refined speech technology for a more natural sounding voice.
Real Signs On screen guidance using real looking road signs.



Sync with a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone for hands-free calling. Keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Just pair with your compatible mobile phone and talk hands-free through the sat nav.

Active Lane Guidance

Active Lane Guidance

A live action model and voice prompts help guide you to the correct lane with confidence

Up Ahead

'Up Ahead'

Displays points of interest along your route such as restaurants, hospitals and petrol stations and updates the information as you drive along your route.

PhotoReal Junction View

PhotoReal Junction View

Realistic images of the surrounding landscape, road signs and interchanges help guide you to the correct lane of the junction

Birds Eye Junction View

For very complicated junctions, Birds Eye Junction View offers a detailed view of the road from above.

3D Buildings, Landmarks and Terrain

3D Buildings, Landmarks
& Terrain

With 3-D Building and Terrain view, you’ll see representations of prominent buildings in many cities and map contours at low zoom levels, giving you a realistic perspective of the terrain.

Advanced Speech Recognition

Advanced Speech Recognition

Your Garmin nuvi responds to your voice commands so your hands can remain safely on the wheel.

Best Maps

Europe - 45 Countries

Europe - 45 Countries

Western Europe - 24 Countries

Western Europe - 24 Countries

UK and Ireland

UK + Ireland

The nüvi® Range

Garmin Essential nuvi sat nav

Essential Series

Simple and Safe navigation so you don’t get lost.

Affordable, reliable and sleek, the Essential Series is the entry-level sat nav that won’t let you down.

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Garmin Advanced nuvi sat nav

Advanced Series

Extra features to take the stress out of travelling.

Impress your friends and family with the Advanced Series, a superior guided driving experience.

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Garmin Premium nuvi sat nav

Premium Series

Feature-packed in a stunning ultra slim design.

All singing and all dancing, the Premium Series offers state-of-the-art sat nav technology for those that want it all.

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1. If you purchase a nüMaps Lifetime subscription (sold separately or bundled together with certain GPS models), you will receive map updates when and as such updates are made available on the Garmin website during the useful life of 1 compatible Garmin product or as long as Garmin receives map data from a third party supplier, whichever is shorter. A product’s “useful life” means the period during which the product (a) has sufficient memory capacity and other required technical capabilities to utilize current map data and (b) is capable of operating as intended without major repairs. A product will be deemed to be out of service and its useful life to be ended if no updates have been downloaded for such product for a period of 24 months or more. Unless otherwise stated, the updates you receive under the subscription will be updates to the same geographic area included with your Garmin product when originally purchased. Third party content providers may change. In some instances, your Garmin product might not have sufficient memory remaining for you to load an update to the map data, in which case you will need to either (a) select reduced map data coverage for your updates, or (b) purchase separately a microSD™/SD™ card (if and as applicable to your Garmin product) and load all or a portion of the map data coverage for your updates to the card and insert the card into the microSD/SD card slot contained in your Garmin product. If neither of the measures in (a) or (b) can be used to address your product’s lack of sufficient remaining memory, then Garmin may conclude that the “useful life” of your product has expired. Garmin may terminate your nüMaps Lifetime subscription at any time if you violate any of the terms of this agreement or your subscription. Your nüMaps Lifetime subscription may not be transferred to another Garmin product.